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Claudia e Francesca

Study Programs in Italy is the perfect partner for your Italian studies!

The name of our association reflects perfectly our main goal: the organization of study programs in Italy. We develop programs for Universities, Colleges and High Schools and all our courses are run by highly qualified teachers and tutors.

Every year well-known schools and universities from USA, Australia and Europe decide to attend our study programs thanks to the competence and the background experience showed in the past years. We offer expert advice in order to fully satisfy the expectations of your students and meet their needs.

We are set to be your guide and make pleasant your path through people, streets and narrow alleys typical of this beautiful country.

Your students will be able to explore hidden places, to communicate in Italian with local people and to live according to the authentic Italian style.

We also arrange programs for individuals/pairs or little groups of friends who want to share an unforgettable travel-study experience in Italy!

Claudia & Francesca



Hi! My name is Claudia, I was born and grew up in Germany, but I’ve been in touch with the Italian language since I was a child. It’s because of my passion for Italy and art that I decided to attend a degree course in Italian Literature and Art at the University of Göttingen. Once I  graduated, I moved to Italy, where I had already spent one year within the Erasmus programme. Afterwards, I founded an institute in Orvieto to promote Italian language and culture, also through the organization of promotional events abroad.

Together with Francesca I am now responsible for Study Programs in Italy. We develop study programs for groups of students and individuals and teach Italian to foreign students, but I work also as teacher trainer, both in Italy and abroad.

I love getting in touch with people from all over the world and lead them toward discovering all the beauties of this area in Central Italy. I live in a little village near Orvieto with my husband, our two children and three cats we found abandoned. In my free time I engage in volunteering. I adore reading, music and having long walks immersed in nature.


Hi! I am Francesca, from Orvieto.

I studied English and German at the University of Perugia and I took part in the Erasmus programme in Lancaster (UK). In 2011 I obtained the DITALS II Certificate (certification of ability to teach Italian to foreigners) at the University for Foreigners of Siena. Afterwards, I specialized in the teaching of foreign languages to children and I got my second degree in Primary Education at the Roma Tre University. I have been working for years as Italian teacher for foreigners, as responsible for study-trips for students from all over the world and as teacher trainer.

I am keen on psychology and I love getting to know new people. I also like cinema, reading, travelling and discovering new cultures, music, animals, nature and the Italian cousine!

In cooperation with Claudia, I am responsible for Study Programs in Italy and not only manage I the activities, but I also work as teacher and teaching supervisor as well as teacher trainer both in Italy and abroad.


Hi, my name is Mariella. I was born in Taranto, in Apulia, where I lived for 10 years prior to moving to Umbria with my family. I have been living in Orvieto from 13 years with my husband and my two children.

During my travels, together with my luggage, I have always brought my linguistic knowledge with me, which could improve and get stronger thanks to the degree course in “Foreign Languages and Literatures” I attended at the Unversity of Perugia. My passion for new foreign languages has indeed always grown up together with my passion for my mother tongue. That’s why I am now trying to convey this same love for the Italian language to my children and –  as I work as teacher for foreign students – also to wonderful persons coming from far away.


Ciao! I am Daniela, I was born and grew up in Perugia.

I took a degree in “Teaching of Italian Language and Culture to Foreigners” at the University of Perugia, where I also attended and got a Master degree in “Teaching of Italian L2”, the DILS-PG2 Certificate (Certificate in Teaching Methodology of Italian as a Foreign Language) and the CELI certification (an internationally recognized examiner certificate).

I have been teaching Italian in private and public schools since 2011 to different kinds of students of different ages: from people who never attended school to highly-skilled ones.

I love all animals, especially cats and dogs! Indeed, I love my dog Tito!


Hello! I am Silvia, I was born in Rome, but since I was 18 I have been travelling with the purpose to know other cultures. At the age of 18 I spent some time in Canada, in the Indian reserve of Slaves; it’s on that occasion that my passion for teaching aroused. I started teaching Italian to the children of migrants only with the knowledge I gained from school. In 2009 I took the DITALS 2 Certificate at the University for Foreigners of Siena. I worked as volunteer with migrants at "La Casa dei Diritti Sociali" (the House of Social Rights) and tought Italian both in Rome, my home town, and abroad, to adults and young people from different ethnic backgrounds, from the beginner up to the advanced level.

I have a wonderful, 22-years-old son: Giacomo. In my free time I enjoy singing (I am a soprano), dancing tango and flamenco. I love music and archaeology, as well as travelling, reading and hiking.

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