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All our accomodations are carefully well-mantained, comfortable and selected from the best experts to ensure our guests the maximum comfort.


We combine characteristic and typical structures with a clear historical imprint, with the most modern facilities.

It is even possible to stay in a real monastery, close to the magnificient cathedral, located in the city center.

You can also choose to overnight in hotels, both placed in the old town.

For those who want to feel comfortable and “at home”, our carefully selected host families are ready to welcome you!

A warm welcome, caring environment and immersion into the Italian language and lifestyle are just a few things that host family accommodation offers. 

Finally, for those who want to stay in apartments or flats we selected excellent accomodations suitable both for students and for teachers.
ll the apartments are located in the city center.

Boarding with a family or flatshare

Our caring host families provide your young students with the additional security of a home atmosphere and the chance to experience Italian lifestyle at first-hand and get an insight into our culture and traditions.

They are used to dealing with foreign student and many of them have established long-term friendships with the students which continue after they have returned home. 

Looking it from your point of view, the biggest advantage your students will have is to talk and exponentially improve the Italian language.

Boarding with a family includes cleaning and weekly replacement of linen, towels and the independent use of the kitchen.


Those who prefer to be more independent can easily choose a sharing flat (or mini-apartment), located in the city center or a few miles from Orvieto in a scenic and peaceful area.

Sharing flat is typical for grown-up students. Indeed, living in a shared flat is an advisable experience every student should through. The student can decide to have a single room or to share a double room.

Host families


As mentioned above, it is also possible to stay in a seventeenth-century monastery, a few meters from the Cathedral.


The monastery has rooms with private bathroom and everything inside has been recently renovated. Students can also take advantage of all the services included: garden, tennis courts, football pitches, mini-bar, wifi, breakfast room, etc.


Cleaning and replacement of towels and linen is done once every two weeks.

Overnighting in a medieval monastery is a fantastic and unrepeatable experience!  You can really delve into the ancient archives, while keeping to live in the comfort.


We cooperate with the best hotels in Orvieto!
Contact us and we will be pleased to hand in your reservation.

Among these, the Grand Hotel Italia, located in the old town next to the magnificent Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo and other major cultural attractions in the city centre – and the Hotel Filippeschi, a few steps from the central Piazza della Repubblica in the medieval district of Orvieto, from where you have the possibility to enjoy picturesque views of the valley sorrounding the town.


We highly recommend this option to colleges or schools staying for a short time.

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