Everyone likes chocolate, so why not to gain the satisfaction of learning to produce one of the most popular

and consumed hand-made foods?

Would you like to become an artist?

There you are served the opportunity to practice one of the oldest professions in the world!

Being located in a strategic position, Orvieto enables quick and easy connections with three renowed Italian capitals (Rome, Florence and Perugia) and their not less beautiful sorroundings!

Grasp the opportunity to taste the major products among Italian wine and food excellencies,

such as local wines, olive oil and artisanal ice-cream!

In cooperation with religious institutions and the City of Orvieto we carry out volunteer programs for students who want to offer

a valuable contribution to their hosting city

Would you like to find out the most delicious Italian recipes

and learn to make tasty dishes?

Then participate in our cooking course!

Craft-pottery course
Tasting sessions
Cooking class

Our philosophy is to make your students live a magic, unique experience, fully plunged into the Italian reality!

For this reason, besides language courses we also offer several enjoyable activities such as cooking class, pottery- and chocolate making courses, trips and excursions (to Rome, Florence, Bolsena Lake, Perugia to name a few of them),

tasting sessions, volunteeringsports and other recreational activities (e.g. watching films),

to give you the possibility to have fun while learning something new.

Chocolate making course