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Our chocolate courses will be held at the renowned firm “La Perugina” and at the Bar Montanucci,

a pastry shop with an old soul in the centre of Orvieto.

Chocolate school

“La Perugina”

A real school, free-for-all, where to discover the secrets of chocolate, learn the processing techniques and, driven by the passion and the creativity of the Masters of the “Scuola del Cioccolato Perugina”, create delicious chocolate pralines.


At the end of the course, each student will get a certificate, the recipe, the apron of the “Scuola del Cioccolato” and, obivously, the delicacies made during the course.


For more information please visit the website:

We also organize visits and tasting sessions at the Bar Montanucci, a pastry shop and coffee bar with 100 years of experience and history in the centre of Orvieto. Due to its long-standing tradition, this "antique bar" is considered as other major city's institutions, such as the Church or the Bank.

In 2000 the Montanucci pastry won the Best Bar of Central Italy Award, handed out by Gambero Rosso, the world's authority on Italian food, wine and travel.

In this 100-years-old pastry shop you can taste pastry products made with best raw ingredients, home-made ice-cream and chocolate, as well as aperitifs and traditional dinners.

During our guided-tours, anyone interested can watch the chocolate making process.

Bar Montanucci

"Scuola del cioccolato Perugina"

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