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Study Programs in Italy aims to convey the rich and long-standing food culture of our beautiful country.

Thanks to the guidance of professional chefs, you will find out all secrets of the most delicious regional and national dishes.

O​ur courses are addressed to all those who love Italian cuisine and the unique flavours of our national specialities,

and obviously to those who want to deepen and improve the knowledge of this ancient art.

In the kitchen with the chef

Do you want to learn or refine the secrets of the Italian cuisine under the careful guide of a professional chef?
Then you must attend our lessons!

Classes are held in the kitchen of a restaurant and at the end of each course-day there will be a dinner where the students will taste both the dishes

they prepared during the lesson and other typical Umbrian and Italian dishes (attendance from 1 to 20 persons).

Cooking students


You can choose to attend our cooking class from one day until one whole week.

Our courses take place:

  • Every afternoon from Monday to Friday, 3 – 4 hours a day.

  • If requested, the duration of the course can be extended to more weeks
    (as long as the schedule allows it).


  • Dinner at the end of each course-day

  • Tasting of self-prepared dishes

  • Certificate of the course 

Typical dishes prepared 

Students will prepare typical regional and national dishes.

During the course, they will prepare two dishes together with the chef, which could be:




Cooking students


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