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STUDY PROGRAMS IN ITALY arranges classes to teach your students to create,

manufacture and decorate pottery.


This process will allow them to learn the techniques of one of the oldest hand-made arts and crafts in the world.


Mini Revision​

The programme of the course starts with a fascinating underground-tour in the heart of the Medieval Orvieto.

The students will be brought through the caves in Pozzo della Cava, where they can admire archaeological findings brought to light just recently.



  • To recognize and classify Etruscan ceramic artifacts

  • To learn the rudiments/basic principles of dredge technique to achieve a small brick plasterboar


DAY 1: Visit to the caves “Pozzo della Cava” about the topic “Etruscan pottery”, identifying and cataloging artifacts coming from different Eras.

Introduction to briefly illustrate what comes in the following lessons, a short lesson on the dredge technique and choice of subject and sizes of the board/panel to be made.


DAY 2: Composition of the pattern to be reproduced, based on the size of the board/panel obtained assembling together different handmade bricks; bredge with a tissue on the bricks; black dyeing of the shapes achieved.


DAY 3: Using tissues to mop, the bricks are now dry; engraving lines in red and revision of contingent mistakes on the painted surface.


DAY 4: Ending the graffiti on the panel, assembling products; realization of frames and decoration of the scenes or the picked Etruscan compositions.



The approximate time will vary from 1.5 to 2 hours work a day.

students at a craft pottery course


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