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Grace Masini – Study Tour Organizer – Mercy College – Melbourne

"It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that 15 students and 3 teachers began their learning-holiday in some of the most beautiful Italian cities. The peak of this successful tour was indeed the discovery of a charming place, as Orivieto is, and of course the flawless organization of Study Programs in Italy and its whole staff. Our stay in Orvieto will forever last as a memorable experience in our students' memory. The tour around the town was very interesting, the Italian lessons educational and entertaining. Sebastiano, with his keen theatrical dramatic skills, has become very popular among the students. From a cultural and “wine and food” point of view, the restaurant where we ate were simply outstanding. The staff was friendly and sociable. We highly appreciated our three weeks stay."


Joan Fabbian – Marian College di Melbourne

"After many preparations, the college where I teach, Marian, along with the Caroline Chisholm College of Melbourne has finally set up a study holiday in Italy. We left Australia in a group made up of few teachers and students. During the second week in Italy, after visiting many beautiful places, the Australian group halted in Orvieto. Having visited well-known places as Venezia, Firenze, Bologna, Arezzo, Pisa, we were not sure what was waiting for us in this small town in Umbria. We soon realized that this beautiful city, perhaps not so common as a tourist destination, is full of charm. Awesome sights, the Cathedral, the experience that students had at the cooking and ceramic courses in preparing pasta, cream puffs (with the help of the chef Damiano), pottery craft products are just some of our memories. Withouth mentioning all the people who welcomed us, making us feel at ease as if we were at home, we are thankful and honoured. All that I just described helped to create a memory that will stay with us forever."


Loretta Costa – Responsible Genazzano FCJ College, Kew Melbourne

"I would like to thank all the staff for their hospitality and especially for the meticolous attention they put in organising our courses. Both teachers and students were very satisfied with the lessons. We learned a lot while having fun, the teachers in Italy are kind, friendly, well-prepared and they clearly explained us each topic. We will certainly keep on working with Study Programs in Italy."


Tina Persano – St Columba’s College

"Cività di Bagnoregio, what a lovely place!!! Even from afar it transmits a kind of magic impression. It is not possible to walk there, one must take the elevator or the cable railway to get there! Orvieto, of course, located in a strategic position offers a little bit of everything: an ancient history, places of worship, delicious food and very nice people. Everything for us was an exemplary taste of the Italian culture. The students were very satisfied with the experience the lived. Thanks to the staff for this amazing job. Until next time!"


Carla Godoy – Ave Maria College

"From beginning to end, our stay in Orvieto was an incredible and uforgettable experience. Our program has been finely pointed out to meet our target and our specific needs. The staff was totally welcoming, they went along with our students step by step through the new language, without forgetting to show us the colossal Italian art and culture."


Pina Dunne – St Monica College

"We had an absolutely wonderful experience. The activities we have done taught us much more than the mere language, we gained knowledge of the Italian culture as a whole. The lessons were very interesting and appropriate to our requests. The students didn't want to go away from Orvieto; human realtionships, the feeling of freedom and the hospitality we came across in Orvieto are the key elements to explain their feelings.

From my personal point of view it was really excellent: the staff supported us in every moment, accomodations were incredibly clean and comfortable, we ate in authentic Italian restaurants and the sight, well, let me speechless. I must return."

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