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Town of Orvieto

Orvieto, also known as “the green heart of Italy”, is located in a central position within Italy, at the border with Latium and Tuscany.
George Dennis, a nineteenth-century traveller keen on Etruscan sites, once wrote: “Who will try to describe what Turner made so familiar?”, evoking the View of Orvieto (pictured in the left), depicted by the famous English painter.


Indeed, wherever you are coming from, the view is always gorgeous: a small town lying on a tuff block!

According to the students who had already attended an Italian course in larger cities, this little and graceful town (20,000 inhabitants) is the ideal place to study and learn  the language. Here the hustle and  bustle of the metropolis does not exist, along the streets you can only hear one language – Italian!



Life in Orvieto can be defined as “people - oriented”. Effectively it is really easy to get in touch or bump into the “Orvietani”: in a short while the friendship with the bartender or with the shopkeeper will make you feel at home.

Furthermore, many cultural events will enrich your stay and will give you the possibility to be fully immersed in the Italian style.

Learning Italian in Orvieto is not only a study - holiday: it means to dive in a thousand year old culture and to discover one of the most beautiful landscapes of this country. “The city on the cliff” and its sorroundings will make your stay unforgettable.

Thanks to its strategic position, Orvieto allows to reach breathtaking places like Rome and Florence within a short time.

Beside a rich cultural offer, “the green heart of Italy” is also perfectly suitable for those who love sport.

In a succession of plains, valleys and hills you can practice several different kinds of sport...mountain biking, water sports exploiting the majestic “Bolsena Lake”, and again hiking, playing team sports, rafting and horseback riding.

Shopping in Orvieto is definitely a unique experience. The main street and its narrow connections are filled by stores and shops of any kind, selling a wide range of “made in Italy” products and handmade crafts. Especially the weekly market offers fashion products at  reasonable prices,  affordable for the sometimes small youth's budget.


Orvieto's nightlife is not less. Bars, excellent ice-cream shops, pubs, wine stands, festivals and events will enrich your experience of italian lifestyle. Perfect location to make friendship with local people and practice your italian all day long.

A stay in Orvieto is a perfect blend of sweet life, sports and art. (On the following link is possible to get more detailed information)


The secret is to meet the locals to learn and improve while having fun: perfect combo! Doing sports, going out in the evening or simply having a coffee at the bar: everywhere you will find friendly people ready to make you welcome in Umbria.

An honest smile, a kind generosity, the readiness in giving a helping hand when you are looking for the way: these small things make the difference!

Orvieto market

Good surfing, Orvieto is waiting for you! 

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