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STUDY PROGRAMS IN ITALY cooperates with universities all around the world.
Every years dozens of US universities decide to join our study programs, which allow the possibility for students not only to learn italian,

but also to receive rewards and obtain benefits in terms of credits, recognized by any university in the States.

In close collaboration with the university teachers we develop custom-cut programs, taking care for both the needs and interests of the young students. 

Ahead of your arrival, our teaching area prepares a syllabus (in collaboration with the univeristy teachers abroad) following the requests recommended. 


Our philosophy is to make your students live a magic, unique experience, fully plunged in the Italian reality!


For this reason we provide meetings with italian schools and young italians to share experiences and have fun together.

In addition, we organize several activities such as courses (cooking class, pottery and chocolate courses), trips and excursions (Rome, Florence, Bolsena Lake, Perugia to name a few of them), sports and recreational moments (e.g. watching films), which will give you the possibility to have fun while learning a new language.

American students

Italian courses


Our teaching method is entirely based on communication: indeed, the main goal of our courses is the development of students' communicative skills.


Our lessons are therefore based on engaging activities, such as team-work, games or role plays allowing the students to use costantly the italian language in and out of the class.

Grammar is treated in a radically different and innovative approach: students will formulate themselves hypothesis relating to the structure or the function of a linguistic phenomenon. This approach, as well as being very effective, has also the advantage of making fascinating a often considered boring subject as it is grammar.


The coursebooks used by our staff are among the most modern on the market, designed upfront to be clear and targeted to a colloquial way of teaching a new language.

 These textbooks are moreover supported by a wide range of authentic materials, implying clipped articles from newspapers and magazines, conversations with native speakers, watching TV and multimedial programs.


All our teaching board is university graduated and highly specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Every year our teachers participate in national and international conferences and seminars.

Professionalism, experience, enthusiasm and congeniality are our salient features, which guarantee the quality of our service and the success of our courses.


Lessons take place from Monday to Friday.

A single class is 50 minutes, except for individual lessons (60 minutes).

Lessons are taken rigorously in Italian, even from the beginner level.

Some courses include hours of school “outside the classroom” (in the old town, in a garden, in a typical market, in a workshop). This teaching method allows students to interact with native speakers and to practice what has been gone through in class.

The first day, each student will hold an informal interview with the Head of the Education, useful to define the most appropriate level and especially to clarify the real needs of the learner in question, so that each course has to be as much as possible custom-cut.

A welcome day with the staff of Study Programs in Italy will help to create the perfect atmosphere to start up the work together.

For further information contact us at:

A well-organized program is a program offering high-quality services.

Our aim is to make  your program a “unique experience”, custom-cut and based on your needs and interests.

​For this reason, we will be pleased to assist you with the planning of yuor stay and your journey! 

We deliver a transfer-service and give accurate attention to the accomodation (in families, apartments, hotels and monastery) and to the selection of the restaurants where to dine (menus are arranged according to the typical and local Italian cuisine).

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